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Hi! I’m Bee, this is me procrastinating in my studio.

Jagged F-information

Hi. My name’s Bee, Jagged Fin owner and designer. I’ve been an arty type since school, went to art college when Blur and Oasis were battling for number one in the charts and spent most of my career as a graphic designer in advertising agencies in Manchester and Cheshire in the UK. My family moved across the world to Bunbury, Western Australia in 2012 after falling in love with the area.
Jagged Fin started as a little side hustle hobby-business in 2014 when I needed a new bag and the mass-produced bags on offer in big shops weren’t really scoring high on my list of wants and needs. I had already bought a sewing machine on impulse so decided to make my ideal bag. I watched online courses, bought funky fabrics and had a lot of fun coming up with various designs. My mission was to create the ultimate bag which would be easy to carry with a comfortable wide and adjustable strap, make my phone and purse quick to find and be secure. The bag I finally designed ticked all the boxes and I used it to protect my belongings when I had to fly back to the UK. I have since tweaked the design to improve some things after feedback from customers, but the Ultimate Bag was born! You can have a sticky beak at the Ultimate Bag and other bags I create in my Etsy store by hitting this link…
You might also have seen some art and designs on my page. My tiny business is quite eclectic, I tend to follow my heart regarding what to create next. So if you’re interested in a pet portrait, send a message via Facebook. And to find my Redbubble designs, look me up here…
I love creating art and bringing joy to pet owners who want to celebrate their non-human family members. We have a tiny dog and a big dog who both have huge personalities, so I am passionate about making art for like-minded animal lovers.
PS Jagged Fin is named after my two sons, Jago and Finley. Just in case you were wondering.  

The Ultimate Bag in black canvas.

How to pack your Ultimate bag

Q & A

Where is the name Jagged Fin from?

I had trouble coming up with a name that reflected what I wanted to do, it had to be quirky and I came up with a lot of names that were too strange for words! I settled on Jagged Fin because it’s a combination of my son’s names, Jago and Finley, and we live near the sea. Occasionally we get to see the local dolphins and some journeying whales here.

Where is Jagged Fin based?

In Bunbury, West Australia.

What are your values?

I try to use local suppliers where possible, otherwise I try to support Australian businesses and as a last resort I order from overseas. It can be tricky to source materials in this part of the world. I aim to create as little waste as possible in my making process so I save offcuts of fabric to stuff into draught excluders or cushions for myself and recycle what I can.

How many people work at Jagged Fin?

This is a truly micro business, it’s just me! I am the designer, fabric purchaser, maker and tea lady.