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I use Mailchimp to send the odd email every now and again, it’s easy to use when you know how, but also I find that I forget where everything is and how to customise the emails to suit my branding. I’m making use of my space here in internet land to help me figure this all out next time I create a campaign, and hopefully it will help someone else in need of assistance too. This is where to find a URL you can use on Facebook, your website and emails to help your audience find the sign up form easily. Remember, make it as easy as possible for them!

Visit the Mailchimp site and log in to your account.

  • Navigate to the Lists section.
  • Click on the list you wish to add a signup form to. A new page opens with a list of options at the top.
  • Click on the “Signup forms” option then click on “Form Builder”.
  • The html for the link you need is at the top of the form builder. Copy and paste away to your heart’s content!
  • Below is my own sign up link, yours will be unique to you.